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It's time.

At Angle Coaching & Leadership Development, we help you to uncover your full potential as a leader, professional, and team member.

It's time to release the blocks, shed frustration, and rediscover a thriving, joy-filled career and life.

It's time to create the change you've been longing for.  Uncover your vision.  Build your dreams.  Realize your passions.

You can see it.
You can feel it.

Now, let's create it.

Tess Fyalka from Angle Coaching & Leadership Development.
CPCC Certified Co-Active Professional Coach

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"

Anais Nin

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Angle Coaching & Leadership Development Logo


Tess Fyalka is a leadership development coach, team coach, and corporate trainer. She brings more than 25 years’ experience in leadership development, management, training, and organization development. 

As a professional certified coach, her passion is helping leaders at all levels develop the essential core competencies to lead successfully and equipping organizational teams with the tools they need to cut through challenging team dynamics and achieve their full potential.

Coaching Packages

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It's time to take your leadership, your career, and your dreams to the next level.

We deliver professional coaching services designed specifically to enable you to shift, make essential professional change, and have impact. Bringing decades of experience, we focus on equipping you to become an effective leader, achieve excellence, build successful teams, navigate challenges, and reduce stress.

Team Coaching

Teams are the engine of your organization's success.

It's time to ensure that your team is fully aligned and working toward key goals.  Reduce frustrations, address challenges, focus on the common purpose and achieve your strategic vision and mission.


Schedule a free consultation today.

Executive Coaching

Successfully lead teams, build relationships, address skill gaps, and achieve your individual dreams and goals as well as your vision for your team, department and organization

It's time to take your leadership and your team to a whole new level.




Schedule a free consultation today.

Crossroads Coaching

It's time to make some decisions about your next steps.

You've been putting it off - hoping that something would just come along or your situation would change.  You know you are ready for the next move, but you just don't know where to begin.

Schedule a free consultation today.


New Leader Coaching

You got the promotion!  Now what?

You'll be leading a team.  You'll be expected to think strategically and develop your employees.  It's equal parts thrilling and terrifying.

Let's create a plan to ensure your success.


Interested in talking to us about this coaching opportunity or any of the opportunities above? 


Read what our clients are saying

Angle Coaching Logo

"Going to coaching wasn’t something that I was particularly excited about, but once I saw the benefits of getting out of my comfort zone, I would be so excited to Zoom with Tess."

Wyatt, Coaching Client

"Coaching has been life changing for me. I have been able to identify my values and how they align to the work I do. I am extremely grateful for the ways that Tess has challenged me and pushed me."

Raychel, Coaching Client


Speaking & Workshops

Contact us today to schedule an impactful, highly engaging keynote or workshop that will build your team and energize your leadership effectiveness.


"The presenter was wonderful and the activities were eye-opening."

Workshop Attendee

"Tess gave an awesome presentation!!  Everyone received valuable insights today.  Thank you, Tess... you ROCK!"

Debbie, Workshop Attendee

"The best breakout session I attended.  Well done!"

Tiffani, Workshop Attendee

Angle Coaching & Leadership Development Logo
Puzzle Pieces

Creating Team Alignment

Create an effective team culture from day one.

This workshop will equip your team with the tools and resources necessary to ensure that the team is aligned in its goals, can address conflict effectively, and actually enjoys working together toward a common purpose.

Most importantly, team members will discover how to create a truly positive and productive team environment.


Rock Climber

Brave Teams Build Trust

This is fundamentally what allows leaders to lead.  It is the essence of teamwork, the foundation for relationships, and the cornerstone of competitive advantage.

In this session, we'll explore the profound and powerful impact of trust on teams - for better or worse.

You'll discover what you can do regardless of where you are on your leadership journey to build a trusting team.


Self-Sabotage and Help

Quiet the Inner Critic

In this session, you'll learn the many forms your inner critics take and spot ways in which they can sabotage your ability to engage effectively as leaders, colleagues, and fellow human beings.

But, most importantly, you'll walk away with strategies to keep them in check, and maybe even leverage them.



"This session was insightful, encouraging, sparked personal challenge, and was fun!"

Kelly, Workshop Attendee

"Great presentation and masteful use of participation/breakouts."

Workshop Attendee

"Great presentation.  This will help me be a better manager."

Workshop Attendee

Power in hand

Power of Connection

In this dynamic and interactive session, discover specific traps that derail our connections and tap into straightforward and impactful ways in which leaders at all levels can overcome those traps and build connections to strengthen relationships, teams, and organizations. 


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